‘Please be here in the present’: Placebo ask fans not to use mobile phones at their shows

Are mobile phones ruining the concert experience? Members of the rock band Placebo and performer Bruno Mars certainly think so and have gone as far as to ban fans from using them at their shows.

Ahead of their latest UK tour, Placebo has asked fans not to take pictures or videos with their mobile phones at their concerts.

Brian Molko and co kicked off their UK and Ireland tour in Portsmouth and they requested gig-goers keep their smartphones in their pockets so they can be “present in the moment” and have a transcendent experience.

A statement read: “Dear Placebo fans, we would like to kindly ask you NOT to spend the concert filming or taking photos with your mobile phones.

“It makes Placebo’s performance so much more difficult.

“More difficult to connect with you and to communicate effectively the emotions of the songs.

“It is also disrespectful to your fellow concert-goers who want to watch the show, not the back of your phone.”

They added: “Please be here and now in the present and enjoy the moment.

Camera IconBrian Molko Credit: BANG – Entertainment News

“Because this exact moment will never ever happen again.

“Our purpose is to create communion and transcendence.

Please help us on our mission. With respect and love.”


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