How to bundle your mobile and internet plans to save money

There are a few ways to lower your internet bills, such as downgrading to a slower, and therefore cheaper, speed tier or switching providers regularly.

But one that people don’t often think about is bundling.

While bundling isn’t offered by all providers, if you’re lucky enough to have a provider who does, bundling can save you hundreds of dollars per year and keeps your bills neat and tidy.

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But before we begin, here are just a few providers who offer mobile phone and internet bundling on their NBN 50 plans:


If you’re a TPG internet customer, you can score discounts on every one of its mobiles plan with the exception of its entry-level $20 per month plan with 12GB. With these discounts, you’ll spend just $20 per month for 25GB, $25 per month for 45GB or $30 per month for 60GB. The discount will last for as long as you’re a mobile and internet TPG customer.

While this Vodafone MVNO only has prepaid mobile plans they do last for a month rather than a 28-day expiry, which means you won’t incur an extra spare per year. Plus customers can add international calls to 37 countries for an extra $5 per month.

Here are TPG’s NBN plans:

And here are TPG’s mobile plans:


iiNet, which is also powered by Vodafone, offers customers a bonus 80GB of mobile data per month on its Large 40GB Mobile Plan when bundled with any active iiNet broadband plan.

Here is iiNet’s Mobile 40GB Plan offering:

And here are its internet plans eligible for bundling:


Loyal Vodafone customers can save $15 per month on any Vodafone NBN plan simply by having a Vodafone postpaid mobile plan.

Much like with Telstra and Optus, Vodafone mobile plans include “unlimited data” after you exceed your monthly cap. But did you know its speeds are faster in comparison?

Depending on your plan, you can get 2Mbps or 10Mbps while Telstra and Optus’ unlimited data on postpaid plans are capped at 1.5Mbps download speeds. It gets even better if you’re on Vodafone’s unlimited Ultra+ Plan, which boasts unlimited data even at the maximum speed. But you will be capped on your hotspot data allowance.

The higher your data allowance, the faster your ‘unlimited’ capped speed will be once you burn through your monthly data.

Here are a range of mobile plans available from Vodafone:

And these are the internet plans you can bundle with:


Powered by the Optus network, SpinTel, offers a 4GB SIM-only mobile plan for an affordable $9.95, which can be bundled with its NBN Unlimited Plus and NBN Unlimited Premium plans. If you need a little more data, however, you can also choose its 20GB plan for just $10 more.

Here is a range of SpinTel NBN plans eligible for bundling:


With MATE you are not limited to choosing a particular broadband plan because any of its plans can be bundled with a SIM-only plan plus you’ll score a $10 per month discount. MATE’s SIM-only plans start from $20 per month but when you consider the $10 discount, you’re getting 50 per cent off.

While MATE operates on the Telstra network, it’s important to note it doesn’t have full access to the provider’s extensive mobile network – the only Telstra MVNO that wields this power is Boost Mobile.

Here are MATE’s mobile phone plans:

And here are MATE’s NBN plans, ranging from NBN 25 all the way through to NBN 250:

Christie Graham is Digital Content Editor at WhistleOutAustralia’s mobile and internet comparison site.


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