Xbox November update lets users connect to Discord voice channels without a phone

The Xbox November update is here with a number of new features. Most importantly users can now join Discord voice channels directly from the console. Earlier, in order to chat with friends, users had to set things up on a mobile phone. The new simplified process now involves linking the Discord account with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, navigating to Parties & chats, and selecting Discord. Here you’ll see the list of available Discord servers, out of which you can pick a voice channel to join.

Now, connect to your Discord voice channels from your Xbox console (Source: Microsoft)

The Discord experience has been further improved by added support for noise suppression, promising clearer audio with Discord Voice on Xbox Series X/S. The feature blocks noises like keyboard clicks so that you sound crisp to the other party.

Streaming is now more seamless thanks to direct, built-in live stream options on your console. You can begin streaming with Twitch, Lightstream, and Streamlabs from Capture & share > Live streaming > More options, then scrolling down to Destination. As part of this addition, the Twitch app on Xbox is now for viewing content only.

A new integrated Captures app is available under the Capture & share tab of the guide. It offers improved viewing, management and editing of game captures. You can also copy screenshots and clips to an external drive using it. Plus, the increased bitrate for clips captured in 720p and 1080p on the Xbox Series X/S will help you share clearer gaming moments.

Users also gain the ability to turn off the console automatically after a specified period of inactivity to help conserve power. The “Power options” panel under Settings has been tweaked to allow you to compare the power use of your console between Shutdown and Sleep modes to help you pick which works the best for you.

Controller rumble support is being extended to include Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC and Mac via Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers with Samsung TV support on the way as well. Lastly, Microsoft is rolling out new notifications for when items on your wishlist go on sale or when someone shares their wishlist with you.


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