The Android Backbone One controller is finally available for cloud and mobile gamers

The Android version of the impressive Backbone One gaming controller became available for preorder nearly six months agoand since then, the company worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Sony to create an iOS-focused PlayStation-branded version of the accessory. Unfortunately, since PlayStation Remote Play streaming kind of sucks on Android (unless you use Chiaki and have a decent connection), an Android version of this PS5 DualSense controller design never came to be.

Initially, the One was only available for iOS, and it’s a lot slicker in its ergonomics than the Razer Kishi or GameSir X3. Now, the Backbone One for Android is finally available for purchase, and you can pick it up for $99.99 USD over on the company’s website!

Transform your phone into the ultimate gaming console. Snap in your phone and play any game or service that supports controllers, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, or even stream directly from your Xbox, PlayStation, PC. No charging, no waiting for updates, no tedious setup. Uncover a new world of premium gaming in seconds.

Buy Backbone One for Android

The accessory creator told IGN directly that the unit would work well for the latest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro handsets, as well as other Android devices, so rest assured! It uses a Type-C connector for latency-free gameplay. This allows you to play not only mobile games, but also cloud titles like those found on Google Stadia (until January…), Nvidia GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and other services.

I will admit that to this day, it’s still difficult to discover Android games that work with a gamepad, but I may compile a list someday for your enjoyment. Another huge feature of the One is a 3.5mm headphone jack – a port that’s all but become a relic of the past in modern tech.

Along with your purchase, you’ll get one free month of Google Play Pass (access to up to 350 games and perks), but it’s for new subscribers only. I also no longer believe in paying for Play Passbut it still has some gems on it that you can experience if you’ve never claimed a free trial or paid for it before this point in time.

If you do end up ordering one for your phone, you can get it by Christmas by acting today. The company also will let you return it all the way through January 31, 2023. Aside from the pricing, there’s really no downside to trying it out.

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