Sainsbury’s Taps for Mobile Pay

British retail giant Sainsbury’s is partnering with FinTech to bring till-free payments to its stores.

In a Monday (Nov. 14) press said that the two firms would begin on a “long-term innovation partnership,” beginning with the development of a new smartphone-enabled checkout app called “SmartShop.”

The new app, which Sainsbury’s began trialing in August, allows customers to scan items as they shop and checkout autonomously without the need to visit a till.

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“Our priority is providing our customers with a smooth and frictionless shopping experience. We’re excited to roll out this new capability, made possible by’s technology, as we redefine an omnichannel checkout experience for customers with SmartShop,” Helen Hunterchief technology officer, customer and data, Sainsbury’s, said in the release.

“Our strategic partnership with is an important part of our plan to simplify and modernize our payments infrastructure across Sainsbury’s… We look forward to evolving our omnichannel strategy, underpinned by’s platform,” she added.

Leela Srinivasan, chief marketing officer at, said “winning the business of an iconic British retailer such as Sainsbury’s is a testament to the role we play in enabling businesses to thrive in the digital economy. Our technology enables us to keep innovating with merchants to deliver new seamless checkout experiences for consumers and push the boundaries of omnichannel.”

Sainsbury’s will also use another product, ProcessOut, as a payment orchestration platform, directing payment flows across the business.

Once live, ProcessOut will streamline the supermarket’s payment architecture, enabling better collection and management of transaction data to inform data-driven decisions, said.

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