Google Pixel Fold Renders Based on Leaked Images Show a Surprisingly Thin Phone

Renders based on images of a Google Pixel Fold — a rumored foldable phone that would compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 — were published online Monday, courtesy of Front Page Tech.

An unnamed source provided images to the tech news site, which then created custom renders based on those images.

Ross Young, CEO of market researcher Display Supply Chain Consultants, said he has learned that the Pixel Fold foldable display is 7.57 inches, that the cover display is 5.78 inches and that both are from Samsung Display. Young also said that a “small volume of panels” have been shipped to Google.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The phone renders by Front Page Tech show two colors, one in obsidian (black) and one in chalk (white). The phone will reportedly cost $1,799 and is set for a May 2023 release window, according to Front Page Tech.

Google’s latest earnings report shows a stronger focus on hardware and a move away from moonshot projects. While search is still the breadwinner at Google, Apple’s strong competition in mobile is turning consumers toward iOS and away from Android. Apple’s mobile operating system surpassed Android in the US earlier this year.

Last month, Google launched the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro phones, as well as the long-awaited PixelWatch. Google said it made its largest order ever of Pixel devices with the 7. And while the foldable phone market is niche, it’s growing. Shipments of foldable phones hit 16 million earlier this year, with Samsung controlling 62% of global foldable market share. Foldables have been one area of ​​the mobile market that Apple hasn’t touched, allowing Android to convinces some users.

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