Google Docs on mobile devices gets task assigning feature

Earlier this year, Google began to implement several updates to Tasks that elevated this small part of Google Workspace’s productivity suite into a more full-featured task manager. One of these updates allowed the delegation of tasks to others, which is very frequently done in an office setting. This change was done within Google Docs, giving you the ability to assign a checklist item to either yourself or a colleague, which caused the item to appear in the Tasks list of the assignee.

While extremely helpful and a welcomed addition to Google Docs users, it was still only available when using the web version of these apps. With Google focusing so much lately on improving the Workspace experience for larger screens, it was only a matter of time before this feature would also become available when using a phone or tablet.

Thankfully, that time is now. Google has announced via a blog post that users will now be able to assign tasks through the Docs app on both Android and iOS devices. When adjustments are made to an assigned item in Tasks, such as a change to the title, due date, or completion state, those updates will show up in the Doc, and vice versa. Examples of such edits include changing the title of the item, moving the due date, or completing the task.

I am excited to see more of these Workspace improvements that start out as web-only make their way to their mobile counterparts. There is a growing number of users that are working remotely nowadays, and they prefer to carry the most convenient and less bulky piece of tech with them in order to stay productive. This oftentimes means the use of a tablet to keep up with their day-to-day tasks, and this update will allow them one more convenient tool to use.

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