Woman’s attack with mobile phone left man with cut face

A 50-YEAR-OLD woman who hit a man on the head repeatedly with a mobile phone and then threw it at him has been bound over to be of good behavior.

The victim of the attack was left with cuts to his face after Mandy Doyle attacked him in the early hours of 30 July, the Magistrate’s Court heard yesterday.

Doyle pleaded guilty to grave and criminal assault and was told the attack ‘crossed the custodial threshold’, but was spared prison.

Advocate Katie Ridley, prosecuting, said Doyle and the victim had been drinking in various pubs in town that night and got into an argument while in Chambers in Mulcaster Street.

They were later seen walking along Route du Fort and Advocate Ridley said: ‘She had been upset by something he had said and she lashed out.

‘Two members of the public phoned the police. They saw the victim sitting on a wall and the defendant hitting him on the head with a phone. They described the strikes as being “full force”.

‘She then threw it, hitting him on the forehead.’

When the States police arrived they found a phone cracked and with blood on it and saw cuts on the victim’s face. ‘They appeared to be fresh injuries,’ Advocate Ridley said.

Advocate Stephen Waughcope, defending, suggests a binding-over order as an alternative to prison or community service.

He said: ‘My client is extremely remorseful and extremely contrite. This was entirely out of character. She is utterly ashamed.’

Assistant Magistrate Peter Harris granted the advocate’s request.

He said the offense ‘crossed the custodial threshold’ but added that he was taking Doyle’s early guilty plea, co-operation with the police and lack of previous convictions into consideration.

He imposed a binding-over order of 12 months.

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