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  • Affordable and highly customizable plans
  • Rollover data last two months
  • Only available to Quebec and Ottawa residents

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Many Canadians may not know of Fizz Mobile, but it’s one of the nation’s most unique cellular carriers. Owned and operated by Videotron, it uses the same wireless network to provide comprehensive coverage for Quebec customers on personalized plans. Other flanker brands like Fido, Virgin Plus, and Koodo offer similar rates within the province while offering unique perks, but Fizz is the only carrier that includes rollover data. Check out our take on Fizz’s customizable plans with just enough data, coverage, and services to suit your needs—and your wallet.

Is Fizz Mobile for you? Pros and Cons

So long as you live in Quebec or Ottawa, Fizz Mobile is a great choice if you’re looking for the perfect phone plan. Customize data, coverage, and features to meet your monthly mobile needs. Fizz Mobile offers great coverage and reliability because it runs on Videotron’s wireless network. Customer service is only available online, but your personalized plan means you pay less each month.

What we love
  • Rollover data
  • Wide selection of phones
  • US roaming plans
  • Highly customizable plans
What could be improved
  • No data overage protection or unlimited data
  • Canadians outside Quebec can’t subscribe
  • No in-person customer service
  • No. 5G service

Fizz Mobile Phone Plans

While most carriers offer you a few plans to choose from, Fizz Mobile enables full customization of your cell phone plan. Plans start at $22/month with Quebec-wide unlimited talk and text.

What we like: Personalized plans

When customers pick a new Fizz Mobile plan, they choose from one of several data amounts ranging from 1GB–30GB per month. We recommend adding unlimited minutes and texts, but you can remove those features in favor of cheaper pay-as-you-go options. Finally, pick your coverage area from Quebec, Canada, or Canada + US The chosen region defines your service area for all talk, text, and data on your plan.

With seven data tiers, three regions, and the option to disable unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and visual voicemail, customers can choose from 168 different plans. That’s about 160 more choices than you get from the typical Canadian cell phone company!

What we like: Rollover data

No one uses the same amount of data each month. Sometimes you stay at home and use a couple of gigs, but in other months you might go on vacation and max out your data plan. Fizz lets you hold onto any unused data for two additional billing cycles. That means you’re probably fine even when you exceed your monthly limit.

If you have a 5GB monthly plan from Fizz and use up 4.5GB of data one month and 3GB the next, you’ll have an extra 2.5GB of rollover data to use during your vacation!

What we like: Cheap monthly rates

Since Fizz Mobile is a sub-brand of Videotron, customers still get access to its fast, reliable wireless network for lower monthly rates. The cheapest plans cost less than a dollar daily, making this an affordable choice for teens or students heading off to college.

What could be improved: Limited premium services

Fizz Mobile markets itself to customers who want an affordable phone plan, meaning many features common with premium cell phone carriers are missing. For instance, customers cannot add unlimited data or 5G service, there are no family plan discounts, and customer support is only available online—not in-person or over the phone. If these services are important to you, check out Fizz’s parent company, Videotron.

What could be improved: Availability outside Quebec

Millions of Canadians would love access to rollover data, customizable plans, and low monthly rates, but alas, only Quebeckers may subscribe. This limitation isn’t Fizz Mobile’s fault; the CRTC limits regional carriers to subscribers who live in the primary network area. That means only residents of Quebec—and central Ottawa—may sign up for now. However, Videotron’s impending purchase of Freedom Mobile could soon expand Fizz Mobile service to parts of Ontario, BC, and Alberta.

Fizz Mobile Coverage

Fizz Mobile’s primary network coverage includes most of Quebec along the St. Lawrence River, north to Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, and communities in the northwest region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue. The carrier also offers primary coverage in central Ottawa, making it the only place in Ontario where new customers can subscribe to Fizz Mobile. Partner networks provide service for Fizz customers elsewhere in Canada and the US.

Videotron’s 5G coverage is limited to Montreal and Quebec but is quickly expanding to smaller communities across the province. Tap the interactive map below to find your area and compare services from all major Canadian networks.

Fizz Mobile vs. Competitors

There’s a lot in common between Fizz Mobile and Videotron because they both use the same network. Fizz Mobile is a sub-brand of Videotron, so you get the same coverage and reliable 4G LTE service no matter which you choose. Once you get into plan prices and features, that’s where you can see the difference.

Fizz Mobile vs. Videotron

Fizz-Mobile Videotron
Network coverage
4G LTE speed
5G access
Unlimited data
Member perks
Rollover data
See plans See plans

Both carriers offer the same comprehensive coverage within Quebec, with nationwide service on partner networks. Depending on the plan, service is available from both Fizz Mobile and Videotron within the United States. Videotron offers 5G service in limited parts of Quebec—mostly Quebec City and the Montreal area.

Fizz Mobile offers greater flexibility when choosing a cell phone plan, making it more affordable for most Canadians. Neither carrier offers unlimited data plans, but they include exclusive member perks. Videotron All-Inclusive customers get free access to streaming services like Club Illico. Alternatively, Fizz Mobile offers rollover data—bumping up usable data based on how much was left unused the month before.

Fizz Mobile vs. other flanker brands

Flanker brands like Fizz Mobile, Fido, Virgin Plus, and Koodo offer the same coverage and reliable service as the major carriers that own them. Some even offer a better customer experience while costing less. Compare Fizz to some other popular flanker brands to see which one fits your needs best.

Fizz Mobile’s competition

Fizz-Mobile Fido Virgin More Koodo
4G LTE speed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Network Videotron Rogers Bell Telus
Unlimited data No No No No
Pricing (5GB*) From $32/month From $35/month From $35/month From $35/month
View plans View plans View plans View plans

* Plans with unlimited national talk and text and a minimum of 5GB of data (matching average Canadian usage). Prices are accurate for the Quebec region as of September 2, 2022.

Fizz Mobile vs. Fido

While Fizz Mobile offers highly customizable plans for Quebeckers, Fido’s coverage extends across Canada on all its plans. However, Fido protects customers from surprise data overage fees and includes new deals and contests for its customers every week.



  • Rollover data
  • Customizable data and coverage
  • No protection from overage charges


  • Data overage protection
  • Exclusive deals and contests
  • Expensive prices outside Quebec

Fizz Mobile vs. Virgo

Both Fizz and Virgin Plus market their services to a younger demographic. Fizz Mobile offers exclusive customer rewards, but discounts on food and fashion, exclusive contests, and VIP concerts make Virgin Plus our pick for the best perks.


  • Earn rewards and save more the longer you’re with Fizz
  • Unused data rolls over
  • barebones service

Virgin More

Virgin More
  • Unique member rewards program
  • Canada’s best customer service
  • No data overage protection

Fizz Mobile vs. Koodo

Affordable plans in Quebec with a wide selection of new phones and cheap BYOP options are available with Fizz Mobile and Koodo Mobile. However, Koodo offers subscriptions to customers outside the province—at a much higher price.


  • Affordable and customizable plans
  • Coverage throughout Canada and the US
  • You must live in Quebec to subscribe

Koodo Mobile

Koodo Mobile
  • Shock-Free data overage protection
  • Services available to all Canadians
  • Rates outside Quebec are much higher

Fizz Mobile Family Plans

No family plans, discounts, or data sharing are available from Fizz Mobile. Current customers can receive a one-time $25 referral bonus for every new customer they bring to Fizz Mobile. The carrier will even credit an extra $25 to the referred customer. However, the parent company (Videotron) offers family phone deals with discounts of up to $15 credit per plan.

Fizz Mobile Cell Phones

Despite the low-cost plans, Fizz Mobile sells a wide range of mobile devices, from cheap Android models to the newest Apple iPhone 14. To save a few more dollars, consider a preloved model with a six-month warranty backed by Fizz. Customers can buy new or preloved phones outright or pay $0 on a financing plan through Paybright. Preloved phones typically require four months to pay off, while new models like the Samsung Galaxy S22 require 24-month financing to keep payments affordable. Expensive models like the iPhone 13 Pro Max may require a 36-month plan, so be prepared to hold onto that phone for a while.

Bringing your own device to Fizz Mobile

Choose any plan with Fizz Mobile, make it month-to-month, and keep your phone number when you bring your own phone (BYOP) from another carrier. There’s no commitment, so you can change plans—or carriers—at any time without penalty. Fizz doesn’t offer discounts when you BYOP, so we recommend treating yourself to a new phone to celebrate your new, cheaper plan.

Fizz Mobile Customer Service

There’s no in-person or telephone customer service for Fizz Mobile customers. That’s one of the compromises you make with a low-cost wireless carrier. However, that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. On, you’ll find extensive answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a user forum where you can ask anything about the service. Since Fizz has been around for several years, someone likely has asked—and answered—your specific question.

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, log into your Fizz account and access the Solutions Hub. During office hours, you’ll get a popup window where a customer support representative can assist you with your questions.

Recap: Is Fizz Mobile Right for You?

Fizz Mobile is a great choice for Quebeckers who appreciate the reliability of the Videotron network but want a cheaper alternative. Despite its lower prices, Fizz offers highly customizable plans, unique perks like rollover data, and an effective customer support forum maintained by enthusiastic customers and Fizz Mobile support staff. Other flanker brands offer competitive pricing within Quebec, but choose Fizz when you want to fine-tune your plan and feel appreciated.

Methodology: Reviewing Fizz Mobile

WhistleOut Canada’s wireless experts evaluated Fizz Mobile based on several criteria, including pricing, features, reliability, availability, and customer service. Our team also compared Fizz Mobile to other wireless providers and plans from the same region operating on the same network and using competitive networks. We base our overall score on these ratings and will update them as necessary.

Fizz Mobile Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fizz Mobile?

Fizz Mobile is a cellular service carrier based in Quebec, Canada. Cell phone plans on Fizz are highly customizable to the customer’s needs. The service runs on the Videotron network within Quebec and partner networks throughout Canada and the United State.

Who owns Fizz Mobile?

Videotron owns Fizz Mobile. All customers on Fizz Mobile and home internet connect through Videotron’s network. As a flanker brand of Videotron, Fizz can offer the same reliable service for lower monthly rates.

Can I use Fizz Mobile outside Quebec?

Yes, Fizz Mobile customers can use their phone outside of Quebec on Canada or Canada + US plans. Customers on Quebec-only plans can switch to one with a larger coverage area or prepay for a travel add-on that includes access to data, minutes, and texts.

Does Fizz have 5G?

No, Fizz Mobile doesn’t have 5G service. The carrier offers affordable high-speed 4G LTE service across Quebec on the Videotron wireless network. Partner networks in Canada and the US connect Fizz customers to 4G LTE wherever they travel.

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